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I’m back (I hope).

I can’t believe it’s been two months since I’ve posted anything. I just haven’t felt like it. We just got back to San Diego a couple days ago and I miss NM already. It’s so stinkin’ warm here. I really do hate it. I loved being at home and playing with the pups in the snow, snuggling up under thick blankets, drinking hot chocolate, wearing warm clothes, etc…

Not to mention I haven’t been staying on track with my frugal goals at all so there hasn’t been much I wanted to post about. We ended up going to NM for Thanksgiving AND Christmas. That was a chunk of money. Then of course Christmas always takes a good chunk of money. We spent less on gifts for Her Majesty this year than we normally do though. Usually we spend $500-$1000 on xmas gifts for her. This year, I managed to limit it to $250. Yay me.

I did give a couple knits for xmas. Sailor Boy’s grandma saw my knitting and asked me to make her a red hat. I actually happened to have a red cabled hat sitting around. I made it because I wanted to, not for anybody in particular. I gave her that and she loved it. When I went over to say goodbye, she was wearing it while doing laundry. So she is going on my ‘knit-worthy’ list. I made a leaf lace shawl for my mom and am pretty pleased with how it turned out.

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Booga Bag for me!

Lately I’ve been having trouble with purses. The last one I had, the strap broke. The one I bought to replace it just doesn’t work for me.

I just want something simple with a long strap that I can throw over my shoulder. I don’t seem to have much luck finding exactly what I want, so I decided to make my own. I like the Booga pattern because it’s simple. I made mine a bit bigger, added a flap and did the strap a little differently. I really like it. Next I’m going to make a rainbow Booga for Her Majesty.

Here’s the front.

The back.100_3794

The inside.100_3793

It looks a bit lopsided in the picture, but not so much IRL.

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Told you I was still knitting.  You’d think knitting might go under Frugal Shit, but you’d be incorrect.  It’s mostly entertainment and it doesn’t save me a cent.  In fact, when you buy yarn like Artyarns Regal Silk, it’s definitely rather un-frugal.

I’m working on a shawl.  I have the center triangle done and need to start a knitted on border.  Since I’m not really into doing that right now,  I’ve set it down and started a Booga bag.  This one will be for me.




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I actually got around to finishing the fringe on Lady E and took a pic of it.  While I was procrastinating on that, I made a kitty hat for my niece. The kitty face is kinda crooked but I think she’ll like it anyway.  I am in NM right now and the Lady E pics were taken today.  I am LOVING the snow.



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Finished! Sort of.

I ordered more yarn to finish Lady E.  Got the stole done, then realized I didn’t have enough left for the fringe.  A very lovely lady on Ravelry was kind enough to send me another ball of yarn so I could finish it.  I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but will probably do it today.  The weather has been rainy and chilly  so I’d love to finish this soon and actually be able to use it. I’ve decided not to block it because I love the way it looks all puffy and comfy.

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Lady E, how I love thee.

I just started Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style yesterday. I’m doing it in SWS in Natural Geranium.  Just about 5 tiers in and I already adore it. I swear, SWS was made for entrelac. Hopefully I still love it this much once it’s finished, fringed and blocked.


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Silk Calorimetry

I really liked the ones that I made out of SWS. I didn’t like the fact that the yarn made me itchy though. I decided to knit one out of Artyarns Regal Silk. The yarn is beautiful and so soft. I bought color 127, which is pink and green and I thought it would go great with the pink and green Converse that I have.

I’m not happy with it because I cast off too tight. I should have just made the dream swatch head wrap. I think I’ll use the leftover yarn to do so. Hopefully I have enough.

Unfortunately, I’ve also discovered I really don’t like knitting with the Regal Silk. It gets tangled super easily and it doesn’t frog well. Which really sucks considering I bought 11 hanks of it.


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