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Bags, bags, bags!

Since I only brought crochet hooks with me, I’ve only been working on market bags. I wanted to make a bunch anyway.  Out of all the market bags I’ve made so far, I think I like the pattern for the last two the best.  It’s called Rust Goes Green.



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More crochet.

A string bag and a soda cup (from Ana Paula Rimoli’s snack food pattern).   The strap in the pattern is actually on the front/back of the bag.  I didn’t think that made sense, so I moved it to the sides.


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Ok, so every now and then, I try working on the crochet. I really love Ana Paula Rimoli’s patterns.  I bought the snack food patterns and decided to try making the peanuts for Her Majesty.  She thought they were pretty cute.

I’m still not so great at putting faces on, so I thought fabric paint would be easier on the peanuts.  It was definitely easier, just not better.


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So happy!

Sailor Boy got home today. That’s good. Unfortunately, he’s in San Diego and Her Majesty and I are still in New Mexico. He’s going to fly out on the 18th and we are all going to go to Private Pinhead’s graduation in Missouri, then we will spend another week in NM so he can visit family. I can’t wait to see him. I missed him so much.

I’m still plugging away at the crochet. Still not so good at it. I made a little bunny. He’s not as cute as the one in the book. I REALLY suck at sewing the pieces together. Her Majesty likes him though.

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Inspired by the Ravelry Rubberneckers. The cherry is crocheted with an Icord stem and the cake is knitted. Still not stuffed though.

I also made a chick to go with the eggs.

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I was starting to think I’d never make any progress with crochet. Today I broke out one of my crochet books and decided to give it a shot. I decided to make the cute little eggs out of Amigurumi World. Considering that they look like eggs, I call that success. Her Majesty wants a full dozen.

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