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Go freakin’ figure.

I need about 10 balls for Lady E, but when I started it, I only had 4. Didn’t think it was a big deal because I’ve never had trouble finding SWS around here. I went to Michael’s to buy some more and they didn’t have any. I checked 8 Michael’s and none of them have it. Apparently it’s being discontinued. Of course.

Oh and since I’m working on a wool wrap, it’s getting hot. Yesterday we went out and it was 90 degrees. In January. I hate San Diego.

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Xmas is over.

Well, we’re back in San Diego.  Due to a seriously contagious case of the stomach flu, the last few days (including the trip back) have pretty well sucked.  Her Majesty’s best friend (whom we will call Cinderella) came with us and is staying until the 7th.  I feel bad because I wanted to take her to do all kinds of fun San Diego stuff, but haven’t been well enough to do so yet.

Xmas was nice.  I told everybody I didn’t want anything.  I really didn’t but Sailor Boy and my mom didn’t listen to me.  I got square white Corelle dishes, a Nambe candleholder, the new Stephen King book and Animal Crossing: City Folk.  Sailor Boy also said I can get a new computer.

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Getting close.

I’m on row 180 of 189 on the Feather and Fan Shawl. The closer I get to done, the more nervous I am about blocking it. So far, the only thing I’ve blocked is a scarf and even that wasn’t a whole lot of fun.

I decided to make myself one of those pretty hanging row counters. Someone recommended I add another lobster claw with different color beads on it. Then I can track the rows AND pattern repeats. I really like the way it came out. If it were a little longer (or my wrists weren’t so fat), I could totally use it as a bracelet.


On the “not-so-hot” side of things, I’m having some sort of sinus issues. Allergies or a head cold, I think. I keep sneezing, my eyes are all watery, my nose is either congested or runny. No fever though and other than what’s going on with my head, I don’t feel too bad. I’m ok with this though because hopefully that means if we do get to go home for xmas, I won’t be sick. I’ve been sick the last 3 times I traveled between CA and NM.

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So EuroTrash up and joined the Army. I really didn’t want him to join the military, but if he did, I was hoping he’d join the Navy or Air Force, where he’d be much less likely to get hurt. I’m really not happy about this. Now I’m going to worry about him so much. *sigh* Things were a lot easier when he just did what I told him.

The recruiter definitely had his number. All he had to do was wave copious amounts of cash at him and the jackass was all over it like white on rice. I was like, “Dude. Have you stopped and thought about why they are offering so much money to get people to join?” Clearly, he didn’t.

Henceforth, we will shall call him “Private Pinhead”.

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15 years

Today it has been 15 years since Sailor Boy and I got together. Yeah, we celebrate that as well as our wedding anniversary. What of it?

He’s out at sea right now. Big surprise.

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GAH! I suck!

I finally cast on for Ene’s Scarf from Scarf Style. Everything was going along swimmingly until row 5. I get to the end and there’s only 3 sts left at a spot where I need to do 2 k2tog’s. My stitch count agrees with the chart and I’ll be damned if I can find a mistake. I don’t know what the hell is going on and until I do, I can’t continue. Bleh.

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Ugh, why do I bother?

Going to forums, that is. You get a big group of people in one place there’s bound to be some self-righteous prigs. The latest comment I saw was that SUV’s, people with more than one child and people who build big homes are killing the environment.

Guess what? ALL cars are ruining the planet. Unless your ass rides a horse where you need to go, you are contributing to the production of greenhouse gases.

And I’m not an idiot, I’m aware that my SUV uses more gas than most. Which is why I try to use it as little as possible. I only need to fill up once every 3 or 4 weeks. So who is doing more damage, me or the commuter with a small car who has to fill up every week?

Also, I only have one child, live in a small townhouse and faithfully recycle. When I need something from the corner store, I use my trusty feet to get there and I take one of my trusty market bags with me. Just because somebody does something you consider “wrong” doesn’t negate all the things they do right.

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